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Dizziness is a widespread symptom for people that come to our chiropractic office. The good news is that vertigo and feelings of dizziness are generally treatable conditions.


You may be wondering, why would I come to see a chiropractor if I am dizzy and experiencing vertigo? Great question! Nervous system problems, especially those relating to the upper neck and cranial bones, can cause feelings of dizziness. Dizziness is often associated with inner ear imbalances. Using a combination of Primal Reflex Reset Technique and Neural Cranial Integration can fix most problems related to the middle and inner ear.


In many cases dizziness is related to irritation and tension of your spinal cord and nervous system. When the tissues surrounding and protecting the nervous system become irritated nervous system function becomes impeded. This sets the stage for dizziness to occur.


Due to the close relationship of the spine and nervous system, poor alignment or posture may add extra pressure to spinal nerves, which can lead to vertigo and dizziness.


Dr. Mike will use specific adjustments over time to correct your spinal alignment and posture. Subsequently, inflammation in surrounding tissue will often decrease allowing for both pain relief and increased mobility in the neck.


With improved spinal alignment there is less pressure within the spinal cord, potentially resulting in dizziness symptoms disappearing. Of course, several other diseases and conditions can contribute to dizziness such as neurological disorders, and in this case, we will refer you to a relevant medical specialist.


Our initial examination process is of the utmost importance so that we can differentiate between a neurological disorder needing medical attention vs. chiropractic care. If chiropractic is the best treatment for your condition, we will get you initial relief as well as form a treatment plan that is most appropriate for you. 

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