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Kyphosis and How a Chiropractor Can Help

When it comes to back issues, some of the most common issues tend to be caused by the inward curvature of the spine in what is known as Kyphosis or lordosis. While it may be tempting to not deal with the issue and continue living your life in a suboptimal manner, it is recommended you see a chiropractor like Dr. Michael Zalben that can help you fix this issue. In this article, we'll go over the basics of Kyphosis and look at how a chiropractor can alleviate the symptoms while giving you a fuller life. 


What Is Kyphosis?

Whenever you have heard the term "hunchback" or "slouch," Kyphosis is precisely what the speaker is talking about. This postural issue can occur at any time during your life, but is often most present during a person's adolescent years and is signaled by rounded shoulders, a visible back "hump", and spine fatigue and stiffness. 

How Is Kyphosis Caused?

While there are multiple types of Kyphosis, most are due to postural abnormalities and "slouching" behavior that puts the spine in an unnatural position. A more in-depth look at a specific type of Kyphosis or Scheuermann's Kyphosis would show that a structural abnormality in the spine causes the vertebrate to wedge closer towards the front of the spine. This decreases the typical amount of disk space and results in an abnormal upper spinal curvature. While this version of Kyphosis can develop over time with little to no symptoms present at birth, the opposite is true for congenital Kyphosis where the baby is born with the condition already present. This kind of Kyphosis will typically require a child to undergo surgery at a very young age in order to halt the effects of Kyphosis as they grow older and hit their growth spurts. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

A scoliosis screening at school can typically determine whether or not a child may develop mild or a more severe form of Kyphosis. If you have noticed this and you live in the West LA, Inglewood, or Culver City areas, take your child to an expert like Dr. Zalben. An expert chiropractor can get a true diagnosis from examining the back and discovering more tender areas that will need greater attention in the case that Kyphosis is present. If there is an issue and it is confirmed by X-rays or other tests, you can decide to commence with the treatment options.

With many types of Kyphosis, non-surgical treatment is optimal. Specific physical therapy exercises that result in strengthened abdomen and back muscles can relieve back pain and result in an improved spinal posture. Additionally, a chiropractor can prescribe more intensive treatments like back braces that can be adjustable as the curvature in the spine improves. A chiropractor can also facilitate creating additional nutritional counseling for weight loss that will result in back pain relief as well as whole body wellness plans.  

If you or your child is developing Kyphosis, don't hesitate to contact Zalben Zone Chiropractic today at (310) 975-4888.

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