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Dr. Michael Zalben


What sets Dr. Zalben apart from other chiropractors is his unique approach to treatment, his ability to identify the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, and most importantly, his commitment to getting his patients the results they need and deserve. One of a handful of doctors who practice Zone Therapy, a chiropractic technique originally developed in 1931, Dr. Zalben is able to diagnose imbalances throughout the entire body and naturally reset everything back to its "original factory settings.” Dr. Zalben combines Zone Therapy and physical therapies with Neuro Cranial Integration, a painless method of realigning the cranial bones to produce results not found in most other offices.

Dr. Zalben is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Life West Chiropractic College and was licensed in 1999. His professional career began in San Diego at a well-established clinic that specialized in treating injured workers and personal injury victims. Often, he would treat up to 80 patients a day, giving him the opportunity to hone his skills and to identify the root causes of each patient’s pain and dysfunction quickly and accurately. Dr. Zalben now owns and operates a clinic in Culver City, California.

Over the last 20 years, he has devoted thousands of hours to postgraduate education, including: functional neurology, physical therapy, kinesiology, nutrition, and the cranial dimension of health and healing.

Dr. Zalben is a state-certified Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) and Industrial Disability Evaluator (IDE) as well as a member of the following: the American Functional Neurology Institute, the California Chiropractic Association, the International Chiropractic Association, and the American Posture Institute. He is a lifelong member of the Concept-Therapy Institute. Dr. Zalben is certified in Postural Neurology and is a “beyond advanced” level practitioner of the Primal Reflex Reset Technique. He has been a student of Dr. Thurman Fleet and his Zone Chiropractic Technique for almost 20 years. By blending all of the these modalities into his chiropractic treatments, pain levels diminish quickly and normal function returns. The results experienced in his practice are not typically seen in other chiropractic offices, and if they are, they may take much more time to achieve.

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Dr. Mike Zalben - West LA Chiropractor

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