Athletic Performance

Do you want to vastly improve your athletic performance?

Do you want to speed up your body's recovery?

How does posture affect performance?

If your spinal alignment is "off" or your posture is forward and off-balance, it will affect your athletic performance and overall health.


Increased chance of injury:

Poor posture will place added pressure and stress on many muscles and joints in your body. As a result of this constant stress, injuries are more likely to occur.

For example, if your hamstring is tight to compensate for your constant slouching, you may tear it when running. If your rotator cuffs frequently tear or do not heal in a timely manner, it may be because they are under a constant load due to your shoulders rounding forward.

Pain and Dysfunction:

If your posture is off-balance, it places significant pressure on your joints, ligaments, and muscles. As a result, you may experience neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and performance issues. Your body is also going to take more time to recover and there will be far more inflammation, which can lead to higher levels of pain.


Your posture is critical to your breathing. Oxygen is the fuel for your athletic performance.

If you tend to slouch, round your shoulders, or your head sits forward, this will compress your rib cage and as a result, your lungs will not be able to expand fully. This means less oxygen to your brain and muscles. Improving your posture through chiropractic care will help you to breathe more effectively, thus maximising the amount of available oxygen.


Do you find it difficult to recover from your workouts? If your posture is forward and you tend to slouch, you are not breathing effectively. This is related to your breathing and muscular tension. Muscular tension causes high lactic acid levels. Lactic acid causes muscles to feel sore. Oxygen is essential for lactic acid removal, so if you are not getting enough oxygen, it will take longer to clear lactic acid from your body.

Furthermore, poor posture causes muscles to be under constant strain due to the unequal stresses placed on the joints. If they are constantly working overtime, they will have a harder time recovering from strenuous exercise.

Nervous System Function:

All your movements and even your breathing is controlled by your brain and nervous system. Your nervous system controls every function in your body by sending signals from the brain to the body. Optimal spinal alignment and posture are critical to your overall nervous system function.

The nervous system lives inside the cranium and spine. It is the superhighway where messages are constantly being fired between the brain and the body to coordinate all the amazing functions.

If your posture is forward and off-balance, it is going to place added stress on your spine, and as a result place, significant pressure and stress on your nervous system. This can hamper how well your brain is able to coordinate all your bodily functions.

How chiropractic can help:

At Zalben Zone Chiropractic our focus is on improving your posture and spinal alignment. Helping your body become more balanced will allow you to heal from athletic injuries quickly and naturally, as well as help you to perform at your best on the field.

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