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Zalben Zone Chiropractic offers a variety of specialized chiropractic care services in Culver City CA. This article lists and describes some of these services.


Neuro Cranial Integration In Culver City CA

Neuro Cranial Integration (NCI) is a revolutionary technique that aligns the cranial bones and brain hemispheres. It is a gentle manual therapy that can accomplish in a few short sessions but other techniques take much more time to achieve. The realignment takes tension off the nervous system and releases cranial, fascial, and muscle tissue fixations so that proper cerebrospinal fluid flow throughout the central nervous system returns to normal.

When pressure is taken off the brain, it can do its job more efficiently and allow the body to function at a higher level.

The Neuro Cranial Integration procedure takes only two minutes. and feels like a good stretch deep within the neck.

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Primal Reflex Release Technique

The Primal Reflex Release Technique™ (PRRT, pronounced "pert") is a manual-therapy approach for evaluating and relieving musculoskeletal pain. PRRT is often able to accomplish in just seconds what joint mobilization and manipulation, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue and myofascial release can do over time.

PRRT has been found effective in more than 80% of patients with painful conditions. How can it be so successful? PRRT is based on the premise that over-stimulation of the body's primal reflexes creates pain and keeps painful patterns occurring again and again. These reflexes - startle, withdrawal, and protective joint reflexes-are hardwired into the nervous system of the body for the purpose of survival. When a person experiences a painful or startling event, these reflexes are triggered in an attempt to protect the body.

Unfortunately, these reflexes often persist in a state of hyper-readiness long after the triggering event has passed. When sustained over time, activated reflex responses lead to patterns of pain that are reproduced, repeated, and maintained, interfering with healing and resisting therapeutic efforts to restore natural function.

PRRT addresses muscle and joint receptors along with their spinal modulation. These often overlooked and seldom-treated areas of the body are the cause and solution for many types of pain, including:

  • Restricted motion
  • Pain with or without motion
  • Reduced spontaneity of motion
  • Muscle tightness, stiffness, and/or tension

The Primal Reflex Release Technique™ treatment system offers an innovative combination and application of techniques that facilitate rapid "neural reboot." This neural reboot resets the neural control of joints, muscles, and fascia to release joint restrictions, trigger points, and fascial restrictions not unlike when you reboot your computer.


Whelton Myofascial Release

The Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique, developed by Dr. Ryan Whelton, is an effective and simple treatment that instantly relieves pain, dramatically increases the range of motion, decreases muscle spasms, and accelerates healing.

Dr. Whelton has identified how every millimeter of the myofascia connects to over thirty other areas of the body in a new and very precise way. Any one point in the body has a connection to another point when an exact patient positioning and angle of pressure is applied the way Dr. Whelton has mapped it. When one of these referral points (s) is stimulated in an effort to affect an injury or painful area on another part of the body, the results are often remarkable.

There are some similarities to the Chinese acupuncture meridian system, however, this is a revolutionary new system with never before documented connections.


Micro Current Technique

The Alpha-Stim Electrotherapy Device: A Drug-Free Treatment That Works

Safe, effective, and proven relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Alpha-Stim is an electrotherapy device prescribed by doctors and other healthcare professionals to effectively treat chronic, acute, and post-traumatic pain, and anxiety, insomnia, and depression.


Scar Tissue Release

Scar Tissue Release Therapy is an effective technique that was discovered in Germany decades ago and is used to help the body heal from injuries.

This technique reorganizes scar tissue in order to improve blood and nerve supply. This therapy often reduces both local pain and distant pain (pain that is further from the actual location of the scar tissue itself). It may also help to decrease discomfort from scarring, fascial adhesions, and swelling.

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