Are you suffering with headaches or migraines? We understand how debilitating this can be and have a great track record of helping people who suffer with it.

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Headaches and Migraines


Headaches are incredibly common, especially for those who spend hours bent over a computer screen or looking down at a cell phone. Other causes of headaches include poor posture, trauma, mental and emotional stress, dysfunction in the cervical spine, and prolonged periods of sitting.

Spinal misalignments and poor posture are by far, two of the most common causes of headaches and migraines. Spinal misalignments cause added pressure to the structures of the head and neck (most notably the discs, muscles, nerves, and arteries). This tension and stress can drive pain into the head, which can result in headaches.

By focusing on making specific adjustments, chiropractic care has been shown to help improve spinal alignment. This results in taking pressure off the head and neck and helps alleviate headaches and migraines naturally.


How can chiropractic help with headaches and migraines?


The first step is making sure we are the right people to help. In rare cases, headaches can indicate a more serious problem. Our examination process will determine if our chiropractic care is appropirate for your needs.

Here at Zalben Zone Chiropractic, we do something very different than other chiropractic offices.

We focus on the entire cranial sacral system.

The cranial sacral system houses the central nervous system. Through techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Neural Cranial Integration, Dr. Mike can assess hidden causes of headaches and migraines that would most likely be overlooked in other clinics.

In addition, Dr. Mike will provide you with tested and true ergonomic and lifestyle advice so that you experience quick, yet long-lasting results.


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