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A. Daylot

I've known Dr. Mike Zalben a long time and would highly recommend him as a chiropractor and healer. He's compassionate and intuitive in his healing technique. I remember specifically one of his adjustments had released long hidden emotions that helped in my healing.

A. Zaghari

Dr. Mike is amazing. He is very caring and spent lots of time working with your body. Getting treatment by him is definitely one of best experience I have ever had. When I leave his office my body is very happy. My wife and I getting treatment from him for a while and we feel so lucky to have him.

R. Dalya

Dr. Zalben is a very compassionate chiropractor. His adjustment released emotions in me that helped in my healing. I've known him many years and would highly recommend him.

J. Rozin

he listens to you as a patient. And meets you where you are at. His office has a wonderful vibe and I always leave not only feeling better, but completely relaxed. He has a huge heart and a vast array of treatment options. He’s not your typical “crack the back” type of Doc.

G. Brainerd

Dr. Mike uses an unconventional combination of chiropractic techniques that are all gentle, but effective. One of the modalities he uses is craniosacral therapy, which is one of my favorites. Dr. Mike helped to release the tension in my head, neck and shoulders. Another time, when I felt I had twisted my ankle, he worked on my lower back (not going anywhere near my ankle), and fixed the issue completely! He's friendly, intuitive, and really listens to everything you say. Highly recommended!

T. Rountree

Dr. Zalben is an amazing chiropractor who’s gift is amazing to receive. I have never received such a thorough evaluation with actions that followed behind. His hands heal and his mind moves. He is well educated in his profession and my experience with him as my chiropractor has been informative, safe, welcoming, comfortable, healing and nothing but educational. I would recommend his expertise and services to All!!! A+

R. Goyal

This was my first time seeking chiropractic care, and now I am just keep saying one thing to myself, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Dr. Mike is simply amazing and he actually knows what he is doing. Apart from getting the instant pain relief, he also focuses on getting till the root of the problem which actually helps you in the long run. I truly recommend Dr. Mike for neck and back pain problems.

R. Reyes D.C.

I have known Dr. Zalben for many years; we have attended many seminars together. Dr Zalben is very knowledgeable and proficient in numerous advanced Chiropractic techniques. I would not hesitate to send family or friends to Dr. Zalben. I have found Dr.Zalben to be honest and a very caring individual. I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and give him a call.

C. Yihai

Dr. Zalben was introduced to me through my friend Nick. Through the entire process of setting up an appointment to the date of consult the customer service and kindness factor was superb. We spoke on the phone numerous times and Dr. Zalben gave me words of encouragement during my ankle injury before we even had a chance to meet for the first time.

He called in and checked on me. Was a friend that cared and I am appreciative of his support. I would recommend Dr. Zalben for your healing needs!!!

B. Phillips

Back in the 1970's, I spent 2 years in chiropractic college myself. Over the years, I have been helped by many, many different Chiropractors and I believe in chiropractic. Out of all the Chiro's that I have seen, Dr. Mike is at the top of the list. He's one of the very best that I've ever encountered. His knowledge of the spine equals that of a neurosurgeon. I know for a fact that he has attended numerous postgraduate seminars over his 20 years in practice and he has unexcelled knowledge of the spine and healing. He has saved many people that regular doctors had given up on......including me!

Thank you, Dr.Mike! Bob "Red" Phillips

M. Jeanette Moraga

I was Referred by my brother to Dr. Mike. I saw him take tremendous care of my brother and his physical ailments, that I decided to consult with Dr. Mike about my lower back trauma.

I began to see a difference within a few treatments and a recommendation of using a computer type device called a Rebuilder has change my life dramatically. Dr. Mike is able to read my emotional thoughts to help me work through my ailments which has impacted my back.

I was recommended to have lumbar spine surgery by 3 different surgeons. I thought I was going to have to go this route, but seeing Dr. Mike has given me hope that no one will touch my spine. I have had 2 spine injections which helped, the 3rd would be the last. So far I have not been in the pain I was to sign up for the last.

I am walking further and am able to maintain my job status as I persevere.

I am a Radiologic tech, so My back is always compromised as I perform my job. I don’t want to have to stop working because I fell. I looked for alternative healing before letting someone cut something away which will never be replaced.

Seek out Dr. Mike before you consider the alternative.

A. Jessica Chavez

The place itself is very bright and clean.

Going in, I was a little anxious as I have never been to a chiropractor before, but I was assured by Dr. Mike that it wouldn't hurt a bit!

Before lying down, we had a conversation of what was going on in my life (positives and negatives) and he got to know what my primary concerns were. After that, he explained the science behind the process so I could understand what was going to happen and how it was going to target my concerns. The process itself was quite painless and it was actually fun to hear all the places my bones could crack!

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a chiropractor in the area!

J. Capriccio

Mike Zalben is KNOWLEDGABLE, INTUITIVE, SKILLFUL AND CARING! Mike is a great human being which makes him a caring and compassionate practitioner. He really takes time with you and thinks and feels intuitively about what is going on and how to approach it. He fixes things in a way that no one else has been able to do for me in a very gentle yet effective way. His practice is cozy and very private and you feel like you are coming to see a friend. He's a big bear hug of a person!

F. Kaden

Wow! Simply amazing! Dr. Zalben is an amazing intuitive healer. Immediately after the treatment I felt a burst of energy flowing through my body and he said I would feel even better the next day. He was correct, I feel amazing! As a Zone Chiropractor myself, it's difficult to find a fellow healer that offers similar services and techniques that I do. it's great to have a fellow healer close by who performs this amazing technique. The Zone Technique can be helpful with anything that ails you, not just neck and back pain. Again, thanks Dr. Z for getting me back into the Zone!

B. Doyle

Thanks to Dr. Mike Zalben I can honestly say that I get relief from body pain. His methodology is truly amazing where he actually listens to my body and can give the appropriate adjustments based on what he is hearing. After an adjustment I get complete relaxation, immediate relief from pain and my level of concentration goes way up. I would highly recommend Dr. Mike Zalben to anyone who has had limited results from other chiropractors as he is definitely in a different category of care. I'm so glad that I was led to Dr. Zalben and if you want body healing and a higher level of Spiritual awareness I'd make an appointment ASAP. Thanks Dr. Mike

J. Hopson

I have had the good chance of knowing and working with Dr. Mike Zalben for over 15 years. Over that time he has grown immensely. He technique and style is incredibly unique. Because of the success of his model of chiropractic, I have referred many people from my own practice. He has been able to help them in ways I could not with his amazing insight into the body and how it all works together. Mike truly embodies a holistic approach in his practice. It is rare to find someone with this level of awareness and understanding. Thank you for all the help you have provided to me and my clients.

Dr. Bernardo Perez, D.C.

Dr. Zalben is the best. The work is phenomenal! After each session I feel relaxed and in a zen mode. Since getting adjusted twice a month adjustments for the last year I noticed that I am more aligned and I feel taller. My body is more flexible and I feel things are easier to do. I feel like I can cope with stresses of life easily.

N. Malul

Caring, professional, kind, effective. Helped me heal 3 lumbar bulging discs. Dr. Mike does a unique combination of traditional and non traditional chiropractic work, with many other additional methods that stimulate the body to heal itself. Always supportive of my healing process, thank you

L. Drago

I’ve been seen by Dr Mike since 2012. He has always been gifted, skilled and intuitive. Over these years seeing his dedication to his craft in his continued education and experiencing the growth of his skill in treatment I cannot recommend him enough. Mike is not a typical human being or chiropractic healthcare provider. He is a unique and special gift and worth investing your time and money in if you have any issue or simply want to improve your health.

S. Laszlo

exactly what is going on with your entire body/mind/spirit before he adjusts you. The adjustments are appropriate, his recommendations are useful and workable and his bedside manner is gracious and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Mike.

A. Rucker

Dr.Mike is a true gem, with a great sense of humor that makes you feel comfortable when your body May be feeling so the opposite. He pulls from a myriad of techniques to find the unique treatment for you and he deeply, genuinely cares for those that he works on. It’s so rare to find true and capable people and he is one of them.

T. McNichols

Dr. Zalben is a mix of spiritual healer and next level scientist. He projects an air of calm knowledge that is unusually encouraging and he helps you come to the place in your healing that actually works. I know. It seems unusual but, he is unusual in the best of ways. A true professional and marvel at his scientific approach, caring and breadth of knowledge. He is someone I have trusted for years.

S. Pregerson

Dr. Zalben is a top shelf healer. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the chiropractic method and adept at other healing modalities. I'm so grateful I found him after years of seeing other practitioners. His heart is as big as his smile. Thanks Doc.

M. Madany

I have been treated by Dr. Zalben since 2003 and have had wonderful results over these years. I recommend him highly.

C. McCarthy

Dr. Mike is a wizard and has been able to adjust issues I have had for years that other Chiropractors have not been able to crack. He has only on mission, to make his patients lives better and pain free. For me he has achieved that very quickly.

K. Loar

Dr Mike has got the magic touch. He is very intuitive, has a broad depth of nutritional knowledge and is very plugged into the alternative health scene.

He is also very helpful with internal bodily issues, especially intestinal problems.

Highly recommended

Y. Heidingsfeld

I am extremely happy with Dr Mike from the time that i first went to his clinic in S. Monica. He not only helped me with all the symptoms that i specifically mentioned, but helped me to remove others that I had not mentioned. He always tries to accommodate my schedule and his advice is always helpful. He has also been so patient and successful with other members of my family who look forward to being seen by Magic Mike when they come to visit us. I unreservedly recommend Dr Mike for all chiropractic and allied care.

D. Shernoff

Michael Zalben is a genius of chiropractic. He is by far the best chiropractor I have ever had. He treats no two patients the same, and every session is different due to his keen intuition. Words can not express how much better I consistently felt after his treatments. Before and after was like night and day! Dr. Zalben focuses on optimal health and gives "holistic" a new meaning. There really is no need to look any further. He is the best. And he treats a wide variety of ailments.

Dr. B. Dewees

I have been to dozens of Chiropractors in my life and luckily have been never disappointed. I have seen Dr. Zalben numerous times and not only was I amazed by his adjusting ability but totally enamored by his broad knowledge around what was going on with me and my health. He is truly a gem and if I did not live on Maui he would be my regular health practitioner.

J. D

Dr. Mike Zalben is an exceptional Chiropractor. He can quickly diagnose your issue and help resolve it quickly. He's also very good at dealing with difficult cases, something that not all Chiropractors do well. If you're looking to feel your best and want someone who will help you lead a healthier lifestyle, you have found one of the great ones!

A. La Cour

If you're looking for an amazing, kind, knowledgeable, and thorough holistic healer, this is the man! Dr. Z is amazing! For me, personally, he has taken the time and care to find the source of my pain and come up with several options to treat and heal my body naturally (which is a godsend, because I was on the verge of going to the hospital to have my problems fixed surgically). Other chiropractors have only been helpful for temporary relief, but under his care, I can feel my body healing day-by-day! I cannot begin to thank him enough for the relief he has brought to my life.

Dont hesitate to put yourself in his care; this doctor will do everything he can to heal your body from the inside out! And it WORKS!

D. Phoenix

Dr.Mike is one of the best healers and chiropractors I have been fortunate enough to find. Having been a patient of his for a very long time, Dr.Mike is always my go to when I am in any physical pain, or even if I am just run down and low on energy; one visit with him immediately revives me. In the past I had a serious back injury which required surgery, Mike was able to speed up my recovery with ease. He is a natural healer with a light touch who’s abilities go beyond what are the norm for traditional chiropractors. I am happy to say I have referred other friends of mine to Dr.Mike, who now have become regular patients of his, who swear by him, too.

E. Swartz

Dr. Zalben treated me initially due to some neck pain related to sleeping. I was impressed at how he was also able to recognize a digestive problem I had been struggling with for years. He is knowledgeable in not only chiropractic medicine, but also homeopathic. I highly recommend Dr. Zalben because you get so much more than just a chiropractor.

G. Gottlieb

I got to Dr. Zalben through a recommendation by a highly trusted close family friend. To say he made me whole would be an understatement! I had been in so much lower back pain that I could barely sit in an office chair, nor drive. I was truly amazed that within just a few weekly sessions Dr. Mike got me back to 💯 !! His approach of Chiropractic Technique and Treating the correct zone(s) has truly changed how I view medicine and ergonomics and my Mobility as a whole! I recommend Dr. Zalben to all my Contacts and Colleagues, a true Healer !

J. Hunter

Dr. Zalben is so much more than a chiropractor. When I was blessed to see him in LA, I always referred to him as my "chiropractor healer." Dr. Mike's care is completely customized and unique to the individual. He works with your own nervous system to find the solutions that your body needs, rather than employing a "one-size-fits-all" approach. He helped me immensely in dealing with a very painful whiplash injury. Great person, great vibes, and great healer!

K. Chavez

accompanied my sister to their appointment, and it was a great experience because neither of us had received treatment from a chiropractor before. He was very patient, letting us know about the procedures beforehand and easing our worries about them. I would recommend Dr. Mike for those who are thinking about receiving treatment for the first time.


I've been see'n Mike for yrs, he's gifted, understands the human body very well on how to get to the core issue, extremely intuitive, gentle, caring...will bring out his inner male roar when it needs to come out. Mike not only addresses the physical body, he also addresses the spiritual and energetic bodies, it takes a gifted healer to understand the balance between the worlds. I love it. Keep up the amazing work Mike :)))

D. Lehrer

Dr. Michael Zalben is an exceptional Chiropractor and human being. His true caring plus his talents and abilities as a Zone Chiropractor is worthy of the five star rating. Zone is a top level chiropractic technique that simply identifies your main system of your body out of balance and corrects it. Dr. Zalben is super talented at Zone and in helping his patients get better from what ails them. I personally choose my chiropractic care carefully, and Dr. Zalben is an excellent choice!

J. Koven

Dr. Zalben is the chiropractor I recommend to everybody. His work is gentle yet precise, and he has routinely helped me, family, and friends remove pain, tightness, headaches, and nervousness, and tiredness. Often I have left feeling far more relaxed than when I came in, as well as having an easier time naturally keeping a proper posture.

Dr. Zalben was also the chiropractor for my father, who was very ill by the time I first brought him in for treatment. My father had just gotten out of the hospital and his legs were stiff straight, and he could not bend his knees. On the first visit Dr. Zalben worked on his reflexes. No chiropractic adjustments, as he thought my father's condition was too delicate for that at the time. After the series of reflex treatments, my father's knees started to bend. On subsequent treatments my father was able to increasingly bend his knees.

My father also had much restlessness, yet there were many times where midway into the treatment he would relax to the point of falling asleep on the table. Dr. Zalben was still able to work on some of his reflexes even as he slept.

My mother also sees him regularly and has always reported feeling much better after her treatment (her job requires LOTS of sitting).

I've noticed that Dr. Zalben also pays very close attention to many modalities for health in order to further help his patients beyond treatment. And an important compliment to all I've written is that he is a great person to talk to. Friendly, cordial, and gentle. He is a chiropractor for all ages.

B. Bell

Dr Z is a master! His techniques are gentle and effective and has a fantastic bedside manor. I am comfortable referring patients to him and as a Wellness Doctor myself, will frequently get adjusted by him. Dr. Z is always on the cutting edge of healthcare and frequently sacrifices his time to improve his knowledge of the human body. I highly recommend making an appointment to get checked. It’s never a good idea to wait for your back to hurt, considering the spine and nervous system is the most important part of your body. Get it done, Dr. Zalben is the best in LA!

B. B Fisk

Dr. Mike has a soft touch with an educated and gentle technique. One of the things I admire about him and his practice the most is that he is always continuing his education and going to seminars and retreats to continue growing as a practitioner. Every time I walk out of Dr. Mike’s beautiful office, I feel a little floaty and a lot grateful to have him as a healer in my life.

L. Ora - Mother Is Rising

Dr Mike has changed my life! he is a whole healer. he listens, he supports. My health has improved miraculously and i feel so much lighter and happier after his treatment. Thank you dr. Zalben.

L. Angeles

Mike Zalben is a true gift to the healing world. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. Always going above and beyond. Such a wealth of information and highly intuitive. Not to mention, he’s so fun to talk to and has the best most compassionate bedside manner - you must try him out!

K. Carman

Dr. Mike is more than just a chiropractor, he is a true healer. He has tools and knows techniques that other chiropractors do not, in my experience. He also has a very kind, comforting way about him that gives deep confidence in his work and profound skills. He achieves remarkable results. I highly recommend him

H. Mozaffarian

Dr. Mike is amazing. I have been getting treatment from him for over a year and he has been a lifesaver... my acupuncture referred me to him and I am so thankful that I have met Dr. Mike and I didn’t end up having an unnecessary surgery. He takes his time and listen to you and your body every visit. I have been to many chiropractor but he is thoroughly the BEST.

J. Wolper

I am eternally grateful for Dr. Mike. When I walked into his office nine and half years ago, I could not move my neck from side to side, physical collateral from months of grieving after my father’s passing. From my intake appointment until today, Dr. Mike has been an attentive, thorough, compassionate and most important, effective healer in my life. He has an innate understanding of the mind, body and spiritual connections within you. Although he may have the official Doctoral Chiropractor credentials, his unique style and value comes from deep inside, he is a true healer, a PhD of Life! You may go see him for a physical ailment, but when you leave you will have been provided a service that goes way beyond. The nervous system is connected to all we do, and Dr. Mike knows how to optimize that system in all of us. I am a very active soul with running, boxing, soccer, yoga and life, and have been treated for so many things by him. If you want total health in your life, go see Dr. Mike, it will change your life in so many positive ways: I know, he changed mine!

E. Belikov

Michael is my main source for healing! I met Dr Michael over 7 years ago, when I had a shoulder pain that I could not heel for over 6 months. After various treatments including acupuncture, I was referred to Dr Michael by a friend who spoke very highly of his abilities. When I met Dr Michael on our first visit over 7 year ago, he was able to right away diagnose my pain source, inform me what exactly was causing it, and gave me an exact number of visits he will need to alleviate all the pain. I always appreciated Michael's straight forwardness and his desire to help and heel. Since our first visit, I have have had the great pleasure of having Michael help me recover from various back issues, recover from injuries, heel family members, and provide hands down one of the best routine alignment treatments! I always leave happier and more relieved after seeing Michael! Since meeting Michael I have happily referred him to many people in need, and they have all returned with praises! Over the years Michael has become more then just our family chiropractor, he has become a family friend!

O. Belikova

Michael Zalben is my favorite doctor! I met Dr Zalben 5 years ago when I was suffering from back pain and other health issues. Dr Zalben was able to diagnose my issues accurately, and explain what really caused my health issues. He has always had the right approach to treating my concerns, and I am very grateful for his kindness and care. Knowing Dr Michael Zalben has been a blessing, and I am grateful to have him in my life as a doctor and a friend.

A. Bayer

I came in to his office with challenges in energy and vitality. Within the first 2-3 weeks, I already could see results, being more present, focused, and overall just a happier person. My life around me also has dramatically transformed and improved.

He also breaks the stigma of chiropractors, which can be fear from all the adjustments. He is very gentle and caring in the treatments and I have never felt uncomfortable being treated. For anyone looking for more energy and happiness in general, go see Dr Zalben!

Z. Kessler

Have been seeing Dr Zalben for over 4 years now. He's seriously amazing. After I had my car accident, doctors said I really shouldn't be walking as my disk was out over 3mm. I went to Dr Zalben and was walking perfectly in no time and have been ever since.

Highly recommend him!

M. Sotoodeh

Love this place! I'm here twice a week and have zero complaints. Dr. Z is amazing. He is always ready to listen to what's going on and eager to help find a solution. Been to several chiropractic centers and this is by far the best.

S. Trump

To categorize Mike Zalben as a chiropractor does not even come close to describing the healing work that he does. With his intuitive, caring and gentle touch he treats your whole being in ways you didn't even know you needed. He is continually furthering his education to provide the optimum results for his patients. He definitely goes above and beyond and makes it more than worth regularly fighting the traffic from San Diego to LA Area to see him and I always leave feeling better. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him whole-heartedly.

G. Seratti

Mike is an amazing human who has deep intuition, empathy and understanding of individuals who are suffering with various ailments. I came to Zalben Zone Chiropractic for my back issues but Mike ended up helping me with not only my back but also my struggle with depression, anxiety and balancing my emotional, physical and spiritual health. His professionalism is outstanding as well as his expertise. Thank you Mike!

. Cohen

Came with back pain and horrible posture after years of sitting in front of a computer. Pain has diminished and it looks like a grew an inch! Still working with Dr. Zalben and I highly recommended him.

J. Diana Winston

Dr Michael Zalben has been my chiropractor for the past 15 years - and counting. Not only is he a gifted healer but he always explains everything he’s doing in an easy to understand way. He’s an agreeable and friendly person - and has a great sense of humor!!

M. Kim

Dr Mike is an incredible healer. I've been treated by him since 2004. Although, I'm now living in a different state, I make it a point to be treated by him whenever I'm visiting family. I have yet to find anyone quite like him.

T. Yelland

I came to Dr Mike first for chronic neck pain and it’s been one of the best medical treatments I have had. Dr Mike seems to find the problem and solution so quick. I wish I went to him sooner.


I was initially referred to Dr Zalben a few years ago by some friends that are also patients. Dr Zalben crammed me in at the start of his day so that I could have a full hour (initial consult) with him before I drove out of town. We worked on tight muscles tied to an old hip injury and did a lot of releases related to stress in my neck and spine. Dr Zalben warned me I would be tired later, and he was right. Three hours later, I stopped for lunch and almost fell asleep waiting for my food! These days the appointments are usually only about a half hour and there's no fatigue like the first time. Instead, I always leave feeling refreshed and better for my visit.

I've been to "drive-thru" chiropractors that crack your back and have you out the door in 5 minutes. Dr Zalben is not cut from that cloth. He'll do the necessary adjustments, but he'll also work to find the underlying cause(s) that may be contributing to your discomfort.

And since I usually visit LA by plane, it's definitely nice to get an adjustment after being stuck in an economy seat for several hours. Dr Zalben's home office is right by LAX, so it's an easy transition from the airport.

J. Ceballos

Nothing is more important than your health. No one understands that more than Dr. Zalben. He is very committed to not just treating your problem areas, but also preventing future issues. After just one adjustment I feel so much better and I have more clarity in my head. I suffer from chronic migraines and upper back pain but Dr. Z has always been my “hero to the rescue” when it comes to alleviating my pain. As soon as I get up from the adjustment table, I am welcomed with relief and a sense of relaxation. Dr. Zalben’s approach treats symptoms as well as underlying causes. His office is always welcoming and his MAIN priority is always making sure his patients are well looked after. I love his philosophy of health, he lives and breathes it. I have been seeing him on and off for a year and look forward to every visit. Thank you for keeping my spine in line and my nervous system clear!

BJ Houle

Dr. Mike saved my life! He has been treating me for years. I was involved in a serious car accident and because of Mike and the work we we're doing, I was in tip top shape in no time. I am no longer in pain when I wake up in the morning or sit at my job looking at a computer for long periods of time. I am truly grateful for his work and kindness. Highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic or cranial therapy.

C. Dorne

Mike is a true healer! Thoughtful, caring, and effective!! I always feel better after he treats me!!

Freelance Pitches

When I first came to Dr. Zalben, it was for an injury, but he ended up helping me in so many ways beyond chiropractic. He uses multiple modalities to help the body to heal. And it's not just musculoskeletal issues. What he's been able to do for my sleep has been miraculous. My severe bouts with insomnia are no more. For that alone, seeing him has been a miracle. He's also helped to balance and calm my nervous system. Though what really sets him apart is that he's that rare doctor who treats his patients with the utmost kindness and compassion, like they're family. I'm so grateful to have found him.

A. Muhlstein

Mike Zalben is incredible smart, incredibly caring and one of the most sincere individuals you will come across in life. I saw him for a year for a devastating injury and it helped tremendously. Every time you visit Mike you will leave calm and glowing as he has that effect on your mind and well-being. He is also never to aggressive or abrasive in adjustments and makes very fine tuned movements that never leave you feeling if that was to much(we've all experienced that). He also has a variety of products that are incredible for pain reduction and overall health but is never a hard sell. You can't go wrong with Mike, truly exceptional.

V. Salle

Dr Mike is THE best! Both my husband and I come to Dr Mike. I have been coming now off and on for over a year. I have sciatica and an inflamed disc and the treatments have made it so I don’t have to live life with the pain that come from being middle aged and overweight.

He is kind and cares deeply for the overall well being of all his patients. His office is bright and light and parking is a breeze. He is very accommodating in regards to scheduling, if you’re in pain he will do his best to see you as soon as he can. Some issues take more then one session to sort out but you will notice the difference with just once session.

I recommend Dr Mike to all my friends. He is a natural healer and a god send.

Make your appointment now.

You won’t regret it.

C. G

I am a professional organizer who is always cleaning up other people’s messes. I was feeling very frenetic and knew I needed to take care of my central nervous system and everything connected to it!

That’s where Dr Zalben came in. He’s a true master, passionate about what he does, gentle and dedicated. He is helping me to truly feel internally organized, and I am enjoying the process along the way. My treatment at Zalben Zone Chiropractic has had a major ripple effect, influencing my other choices in life, helping me to embrace an altogether more healthy way of living.

I just visited my regular massage therapist who I hadn’t seen in a while and she remarked on how my body feels different and is more receptive to her treatment as well. Awesome. So nice to get feedback from someone who was unaware of the work Dr. Zalben was doing these last couple of months!

Take care of YOU so you can better care for everyone around you as well!

D. Stewart

I just want to say Mike is an amazing chiropractor with "magic" hands. I am a computer consultant, so I am always hunched over a computer and driving all around town constantly.

Mike always know how to adjust my body and help me get back to optimum health so that I am moving easier with a full range of motion and no pain!!!

Thank you "Magic" Mike!!!

You're whatever the opposite of a pain in my neck is....

D. Susman

Before my first appointment with Dr. Zalben, I was actually afraid of chiropractic treatment. In fact, I’ve routinely avoided massage, acupressure, and other forms of hands-on healing. But after just one session with Dr. Mike, I came to understand he is no ordinary chiropractor. His approach is warm, gentle, intuitive, wise, and remarkably precise. I have rarely met an individual who understands so accurately the true origins of any pain, tension, or weakness in the physical body. I felt instantly trusting and at ease in his care—and for me, that’s a big deal!

Until a few months ago, I thought chiropractic treatment was not at all for me. Now I fly from the SF Bay Area to Los Angeles as often as possible for the remarkable gift Dr. Zalben has to offer.

Ionizenation Iration

Filled with amazing amounts of knowledge. Dr. Zalben is very good at what he does! I have not used any another Chiropractor since I met him 15 years ago, because I don't need to thanks to Dr. Zalben

C. Seratti

Mike has the gift of healing grounded by years of experience and a solid understanding of the human body. I went to my first appointment with Mike not being able to walk upright but bent over. I left perfectly normal but a little stiff. Nothing short of miraculous. Mike is very gentle, thorough and intuitive. I would highly recommend him

K. Johnson

Dr. Zalben is very kind and accommodating and seems knowledgeable in many aspects of natural health. I felt immediate benefits from the treatments (most noticeable were better posture and relief from tension) as well as improved health overall after several visits.

A. Weil

Dr. Mike showed the care and attention that every healthcare professional should aspire to. He not only corrects the spine but educates the patient all along the way. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Mike for anyone looking for top chiropractic care.

M. Polier

Dr. Mike is, by far, the most knowledgable and skilled chiropractor I know. He is intuitive beyond measure and he provides the most thoughtful and holistic healing I have ever received. Every time I come in and see Dr. Mike he has just come back from a seminar, or he was lecturing, or he just got certified in a new treatment... Dr. Mike is always learning and bringing the highest level services to his clients. I can not sing his praises enough! He is the real deal + make sure to ask him about supplements!

T. Seratti

I have been a patient of Dr. Zalben since 2014. At that time I suffered from an attack of Bell's Palsy. He was extremely helpful in deciding my course of action and what should have taken several months to clear-up was done in weeks. I have since seen him for various illnesses besides typical chiropractic work. He is a genuine healer. My wife and daughter have both been treated in recent years with the same feedback. He is a kind man and a great listener! Highly recommended!

H. Houle

Fantastic experience—he listened to everything I wanted to communicate and then some. Chronic pain(decades)had altered my life. Little by little, the pain disappeared and my life returned to normal. Michael is a miracle worker.


Next level chiropractic release. He is gifted with the ability to open you up to allow you to flow and create freely. I'd highly suggest, especially for artist and anyone who operates on a high frequency. Physical and mental release.

M. Gazale

Dr Zalben miracalized our daughter :)

She had big issues with her balance - we decided to give this doctor a try, after hearing how he had helped my niece with her bedwetting.

He looked at her and said her head is crooked... ofcourse to me I saw her head ontop of her shoulders. With some gentle movements and other energy stuff, she left there - ONE session - completely different from when she walked in. She has not needed to go back since. It´s been 2 years. My 5 year old can easily walk across a balance beam and can even walk across the room without tripping over her own feet.

Thank you Dr Zalben

Much continued success

Malkie Gazale

L. Alegre

I met Dr. Mike during his time in San Diego over 16 years ago and this review is truly long overdue! When I met Dr. Mike, I was in so much pain, especially suffered from bad lower back pain. I had this intense pain for years at that point which had affected my life in many ways- some days I couldn't get out of bed, go to work, you name it. But after just one session with Dr. Mike, I felt significantly better! I very much credit my time getting treatment from Dr. Mike all those years ago to the fact that now, at 65 years, I am still living every day with no pain (at least as intense as it was before). From the moment I met Dr. Mike, I knew he was a special healer.. but when I began to feel less and less pain, I was certain that he IS the real deal... I could go on and on forever but do not hesitate to trust Dr. Mike with your healing journey because it was one of the best choices of my life!

V. Moraga

"Surpassed all expectations"..., "beyond chiropractic care"..., "sensitive to the issues and those unseen"..., "intuitive skills"..., "generous, nurturing, and compassionate"..., Dr. Zalben's Chiropractic Medical Art techniques address the five zones of the body; "nerve and brain centers, skeletal and muscle, and the internal organs". Dr. Zalben is truly a gifted healer whom can assist the body and get you not only back on track, but your life will change for the betterment of your personal health and psyche. Thank you Dr. Zalben.

P. Goetz

Dr Zalben is not your standard Chiro. He has an intuitive ability to reset your nervous system, address inconsistencies, and get you back to your feet. His ability to scan your body and bring you back to good health is remarkable. Go in with and open mind and you'll bounce back with newfound strength & the tools to stay pain-free.

A. Kuyt

Michael is a miracle worker! I always thought chiropractors were BS but I’m changed forever! I had the worst case of the hiccups and I kid you not Michael did one swift adjustment to my neck and BOOM they were gone! It was borderline scary.. But in a good way. I’ve been going back to him bi-weekly for regular adjustments. I’ve never felt better. I highly advise see him!

R. Harrison

Former L A Rams running back and now Master Herbalist.... at RUSSELL HARBALS....I have never been to a most knowledgeable and professional person in all of my years. GREATLY helped me to releash very old built up football mental difficulties that I never knew that I had . It's a pure pleasure being back to my old self more happy calm just allowed me to be an even better person overall..THANK you You so much .

S. Silvers

Dr. Mike gave me my life back, twice! I first started treatment with Dr. Mike after suffering a severe boxing injury. He was recommended by a friend from Los Angeles but I was living in North Carolina at the time. Crazy enough, as soon as I was well enough to hobble my way on board an airplane, I would fly across the country to see Dr. Mike. and continued to do so for years. He became my "primary" doctor and has treated me for a number of conditions ranging from a parasitic infection to food cravings! I cannot recommend Dr. Mike enough. All my love to him to allow him to help you too!

H. Hart

Dr. Mike is a miracle worker! I went to him for an injured foot that no one had been able to successfully treat despite six months of trying every possible modality. At the end of my first session with Mike I left PAIN FREE! And he had not even worked directly on my foot! His technique is different from any other chiropractor I have been to, He also incorporates other healing modalities into his work and continues to expand his already tremendous wealth of knowledge. I recommend Mike Zalben without reservation, and am so grateful that I met him.

M. Koven

Dr. Zalben is a very caring and dedicated professional. When I first visited him, my right leg was very weak and I didn’t have enough strength to go up the stairs. After several treatments I regained my leg strength. Thank you Dr. Zalben for all your help.


Dr. Zalben is a great chiropractor and a great guy. I've noticed so much improvement in my day to day life since ive started going to him. Don't just take my word for it, i 100% recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic treatment!

J. Flordelis

All of my problems like aches and pains has always been resolved. After each treatment every week I feel better and all my pain goes away. I have never been to a chiro before but He takes care of my aches and pain and he takes time to listen to you. He is a very good chiropractor doctor. Thank you

S. Epstein

I really enjoy going to Dr. Zalben. He has really helped me with my health and I strongly recommend going to him if anyone is looking a for a chiropractor who cares for his patients, and gets good results after each session!

J. Temple

Dr. Mike is an excellent and caring doctor. He personalizes our care. He is also very nice.

D. Carrera

Besides the traditional chiropractic adjustments, Dr Zalben has an intuitive way of returning the body to health.


Dr. Zalben is the only chiropractor my 80 year old mother is willing to go to. Our weekly 220-mile drive, is worth it with the instant pain relief, and for stimulating the body to begin healing from the inside. Would highly recommend!

D. Fisk

Dr. Zalben is a true healer. His calm and easy attitude puts you right at ease. He has a clean home office that is a pleasure to be treated in/at. I first went for a horrible pain/accident 10 years ago and ended up making Dr. Z a regular part of my wellness. Sometimes go just for a “tune up” or necessary release of pain. His skills and talents combined provide a one of a kind approach to holistic wellness.

T. 530

Michael is AMAZING. I have nerve damage and he has changed my life with all his techniques. He is a miracle worker!!

F. Bunagan

Dr. Mike is a good son and a great chiropractor. I should know, I help take care of his mother!

P. Baumgarten

I was fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Zalben's, who was recommended by a long-time friend. Before he applied his techniques to my body he effectively demonstrated to me where and to what extent my body was structurally out of balance. This was very helpful because it gave me a baseline from which I could gauge my improvement. I found Dr. Zalben to be a very kind and caring practitioner that was in no hurry to get to his next patient and made sure I understood the details of what needed to be addressed. When he applied his techniques to my body it was obvious to me that he was extremely experienced and I knew I was in very skilled hands. I left feeling better and looked forward to my next appointment. Unfortunately, because of financial circumstances in my life at that time, I had to stop my treatments after only a few appointments. However, I'm sure that had I continued receiving his treatments I would have gained significant improvements and will see him again, finances permitting.

Thanks Dr. Mike, Paul B

C. Alegre

Dr. Mike is truly a very special healer! I came in for my first session yesterday with this shoulder pain I've had for over two years now. The pain has stayed there after going to the doctor and other chiropractors. Recently, this past month, the pain traveled up to my neck and the base of my head. I made an appointment to go see Dr. Mike to finally start getting this healed once and for all and- wow! After just one session, all of my daily pain is gone! As a graduate student, it is important for me to be able to sit down and read for hours at a time and lately I have been dreading going to school and doing work because I know it's going to cause me pain. Today I went to school, and did work, and no pain! I am excited to continue to notice the changes my body goes through and how I continue to heal as I continue my therapy with Dr. Mike!

A. Melnyk DC

Doctor Mike is one of the most incredible and Beyond knowledgeable doctor of chiropractor who looks at human body from three different perspectives physiological energetical and emotional, he can help you with balancing your body as he did for me and many of my friends

A. Epstein

Dr. Zalben is amazing! He used a combination of Zone Healing and Neuro Cranial Integration and fixed an issue with my hip that had been affecting me for about 3 years in about 20-30 mins. I could not have had greater expectations! Highly recommend Zalben Zone Chiropractic!!

D. Shepard

Dr. Zalben is the most amazing healer! His knowledge of the various techniques in Chiropractic is immense, and his application will truly fix what ails you!

J. Zalben

Michael has been adjusting me for over 20yrs--since before he graduated in 1999 near the very top of his class--he is just the best ever and gets me out of pain each and every time! full disclosure,he is my youngest son.

J. Ferrari

Dr Mike Zalben is no ordinary chiropractor, in that he doesn't just crack a few bones and you're out the door in 10 minutes. His sessions are longer and he takes the time he needs to get to the root of the problem. I have been going to him for years and never once have I felt that I was just another patient being processed and "moved along" so to speak. His neuro-cranial integration technique is the best. I always feel completely different after a session with him - everything's where its supposed to be. Regular treatments really pay off. He is a truly gifted healer.

B. Mo

Ok let's start from the beginning. Full disclosure: I don't believe in hocus pocus, I'm not a conspiracy theorist nor a politician so from me you’re going to hear it like it is. If you don't like it, move on to the next review! Dr. Z is awesome. He's got the magic hands and the unexplainable touch. He not only fixed my back but he also reattached my head to my neck after someone on a cell phone rear ended me. That was round one. Then I got injured again in an embarrassing way and guess what? Dr. Z saved the day again. Now I'm not so skeptical. I'm a fan. So, I brought my girlfriend for a stubborn sciatica nerve issue where she basically could not walk. She got on the bed, face down and Dr. Z did his thing for a few minutes and she got up and walked. All I can say is Wow! He's good. He’s really good. You got a problem? Go see Dr. Z. He's kind of like the mobster of the medical world. Kapish?

M. Perry

Dr. Mike is an incredibly gifted chiropractor. The methods he uses keep me healthy, happy & even out of other doctors offices! I had some crazy pains no other doctors or medicines could seem to cure, but Dr. Mike did!

C. Heun

Dr Mike is amazing. As a professional athlete, I put a lot of stress on my body and Dr Mike keeps me in tip top health.

R. Osias

I have been seeing Dr. Zalben for almost 3 yrs. now up to present - first at his Sta. Monica, Los Angeles clinic and now here at Anaheim for my Dextroscoliosis. Based on follow up imaging, there's been a remarkable improvement in my spine abnormal curvature. There's also alleviation of symptoms such as pain, tingling and fatigue. Dr Zalben is not just an ordinary Chiropractor as he does Neuro- Cranial integration which addresses pathology in the different organ systems with his different modalities. He, also, is a compassionate healthcare provider which makes his practice wholistic.

K. Shuku

Dr.Zalben was referred by another Chiro who could not help my mom ! He is not only a great doctor but an angel sent from heaven to heal and educate beyond what I have seen any other doctor do . I brought my mom to his office with no hope , she could not sleep from her back pain and would hallucinate from all the pain meds her other doctors were prescribing her . Within 2 visits Dr. Zalben was able to treat and give my mom such relief . He cares sooo much about his patients , goes above and beyond and is super knowledgeable. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing doctor . HE IS ONE THE BEST DOCTORS IN THE COUNTRY - I mean it !

S. Shayesteh

I walked into Dr. Mike Zalben's Office with chronic pain in my upper back, a small deformity in the physical appearance of my neck's curve, and a little bruise in my soul from life's punches.

I bought a membership package and got chiropractic care twice a week for the first month. On my first or second session, Dr. Mike's work had already taken an affect on me. He not only adjusts you, but also does this amazing zone work and stretch on you. I recall a different energy in my mind and body after his treatments. My eye vision and mind vision was more clear, and I physically felt better. After a few more sessions, I noticed my face features had become more aligned and balanced. I kept going back to him week after week, because I not only felt better physically, but he has such a great sincere caring aspect to him, that I would always feel better soulfully as well.

After 2 months, like magic, my chronic pain I had for years, had cleared. I believe it was month 3 or 4 of seeing him, that I took notice of the back of my neck looking more normal and elongated versus the previous poor curvature it had from accidents/falls/ and poor posture.

From then on, I would refer to Dr. Mike Zalben, as, Dr. Magic Zalben- Healing Hands of Los Angeles, and the Real Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Saved me from surgery! The MDs had me on pain killers and wanted to operate which i wouldn't even consider. Dr. Mike was the 3rd chiropractor I'd been to for serious low back herniation. The other chiros had me in their offices 3 times a week for adjustments with weekly painful and expensive massage therapy sessions just so I could get to pilates and go on walks but the pain was always there and I was dependent on them.

Dr. Mike got his hands on me and had me down to once a week in no time and eventually down to once a month. I have not had a single episode related to low back in years now. I continue to get care from him all these years later (approximately a decade) because other aspects of my health continue to improve through his care. Digestion, sleep, mood, neck pain, headaches, a very regular menstrual cycle, how my body processes stress, the list goes on. I see my care with Mike as ongoing wellness care - he has cleared the way for my body to heal itself and I haven't been to an MD for any "issues" in over 7 years.

The best thing that ever happened to my health is without a shadow of doubt, Dr. Mike Zalben.

Z. Zalben

The most amazing chiropractor in LA. You leave feeling so fresh. Very detailed treatment, incredible results.

J. Houle

Mike is nothing but a healer ! His hands are marvelous tools for him! Muscle spasms were gone after a few visits with him!

C. Orilla

Just coming out from a chiropractic session, you'll feel a different "you". Everything, your bones, joints, muscles seem to be on their proper places again. The alignment, balance and everything are all in synch. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Zalben next week for another session.

F. Herzog

Dr Zalben, is the most amazing doctor!! I highly recommend him!!

M. Genson

While Dr. Zalben IS a masterful chiropractor that is by no means the extent of his healing capacity. His understanding and interpretational skills relating to the human body and the signals it sends out is quite unbelievable. Dr. Z is the first and only chiro I have visited that works a multitude of areas and planes before making very specific corrections to the skeletal structure. Most just jump on you and crack crack crack... which as everyone knows doesn't last... because its the symptom not the root cause of the misalignment. Even when I visit Dr. Z for a tune up needed from my daily Jiu Jitsu training in which I identify "it hurts right here".. Dr. Z looks for the deeper reason that particular area was in a weakened state and was then the target for the "tweek"... once he locates that deeper reason he sets about helping the body correct it and the supporting areas around the "reason"... and then he makes a few adjustments that are subtle yet always healing... within a handful of hours or always by the next day even the most ugh from training finds normal.

Am I biased towards Dr. Z? oh hell yes... this guy has helped me tremendously and continues to be a staple in my health care routine.

Always available when I need him and never setting "when I have to be back".. only making suggestions supported with solid logical reasoning.

You will leave his office thrilled you found him.

S. A

Great chiropractor! Highly recommend!

L. Webster

I’ve known Dr. Mike for years. He’s not only a great chiropractor but a great guy, always there when you need him.

A. Gordon

Dr. Mike is a miracle worker highly recommended

P. Loar

I have been with Dr. Mike since the begining of his career. His healing hands have helped me get through some very tough times.

H. Pell

five stars. awesome.

E. Rafatjah

The only thing I have to say about Dr Zalben is no longer having a Type2 Diebetes which he cured in one year.

B. Zalben

Mike took away my back pain!

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